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From "Scott Rowe" <>
Subject Multi-threading implementation
Date Fri, 04 Sep 1998 15:59:27 GMT
Hello. I subscribed to this list recently, and I have already swept
the Apache site looking for an answer to this question, I sent a
message to and also to one of the individual
contributors with no reply. This is what I want to know:

Has any work begun on the multi-threaded implementation for Unix?
(I have read that the Windows version is MT already, but I am only
interested in the Unix version.) I would like to see how it is

I am currently writing a MT transaction server shell that reads
HTTP database query messages and returns HTTP replies. I have done
some initial testing, and my approach appears to work. If no one
has developed the MT core for the Apache server, I would like to
propose my own. (I have not checked to see if that is OK with my
employer, because I don't know if the Apache code has been written
yet, and I do not know if you all would accept my offering. No
point in getting anyone up in arms about a non-issue.)

I've been working for this company for almost ten years, and I have
worked on distributed database products, written an info server,
a network modem sharing product and other moderately complex
projects, so I believe that I am qualified to contribute.

Would someone (not too many of you, please) reply? Thank you.

Scott Rowe, MLS Systems Development
Moore Data Management Services (Formerly BORIS)
4660 S. Hagadorn, Suite 420
East Lansing, MI 48823
Voice:  517-332-7702, ext. 247
Fax:    517-332-4757

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