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From "Lawrie Scovell" <>
Subject Apache GUI
Date Sun, 06 Sep 1998 02:13:13 GMT
I sent a message about developing a Java GUI some time ago. Thanks for all
the interesting and useful replies.

One issue which was repeatedly raised was making the project Open-source.
Our company uses a lot of open-source software - Apache (of course), Linux,
FreeBSD etc. etc., but our Apache GUI development simply can't.

We totally agree that open-source development does work, my last message
never said anything to the contrary. But, some of the techniques used in our
Apache GUI development are also used in the development of our copyrighted
commercial software. The commercial software is our bread and butter.

We remain firm that our Apache GUI will be distributed as copyrighted
freeware. I know that this will not agree with some, if not most, but I can
assure (as much as one can) that the results from our application will not

Our Apache GUI uses Java Swing components, implementing many rules and
version restrictions/enhancements, as well as turning the Apache
documentation into a help system. It has advanced past any other freeware
Apache GUI project we've seen so far.

It will be ready for a barrage of tests in 4-6 weeks (all being well). We
are now at a stage where we could do with a bit of help (to speed up the
final few weeks). Can anyone provide us with any of the following:

1) A diverse selection of configuration files that have (or could have) been
used. In a nutshell, ones that have been thought out, not randomly made up.

2) For any of the configuration directives that require variable values,
such as SendBufferSize and MaxSpareServers, could anyone provide the
possible ranges for these and how these were calculated.

Many, many thanks in advance.

Lawrie Scovell.

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