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From Randy Terbush <ra...@Covalent.NET>
Subject Re: [PATCH] friendlier MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER checks
Date Wed, 12 Aug 1998 17:36:08 GMT
Martin Kraemer <> writes:
> I like the idea. I dislike (like Dean said, and like you say in the patch)
> the duplication of mmn.txt in the comments. One of the two is okay,
> but the other must go.

I agree. Seems that it needs to be in the code.

> If you create a ap_mmn.h perhaps, which consists of the mmn
> change tracking and the defines, that file could be a possible
> replacement for mmn.txt ... And it's easier to find the information
> than if embedded in the bigger http_config.h

I like that idea IF we include the macros for MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER_* in 
the same .h file. Makes sense to me to have them in the same place.

> What do the others think?
>     Martin [sweating in hot munich. Hey! I'll go to the beergarden tonite!]

Don't taunt me. :-)

> On Sun, Aug 09, 1998 at 06:08:19PM -0500, Randy Terbush wrote:
> > The following patch attempts to split out a _MAJOR/_MINOR numbering
> > scheme. MMN_MINOR would mark the addition of new functions, etc. to
> > the API. MMN_MAJOR would reflect structure changes, etc. that cause
> > true incompatibility. I've also conditionalized the _MAJOR macro which 
> > could allow the ability to compile the server to match an older API
> > interface if we were careful about wrapping structure changes in the
> > _MAJOR macro that corresponds to it's change. Comments welcome.
> > 
> > I've also pulled the mmn.txt into http_config.h. Makes more sense to
> > me to have this distributed in the codebase. Sorry about the
> > tabs. I'll commit an expanded version if this goes into Apache.
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