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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Apache Module Contrib
Date Tue, 04 Aug 1998 19:47:57 GMT
On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, Ben Hyde wrote:

> Marc Slemko writes:
>  > On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, Dean Gaudet wrote:
> ...
>  > > +1 for splitting non-free stuff into a non-free hierarchy (see
>  > > for example, they have a non-free hierarchy) 
>  > I do _not_ like this splitting out.  
> +0 agree with Marc.

And, of course, just to reinforce: this doesn't mean things can't be
labelled as free, non-free, idiot-of-an-author, etc.

> The FreeBSD system has slightly larger stubs on the end user's machine

The FreeBSD ports system is far easier in a lot of ways because it has to
work on one platform, and if something isn't there on that platform you
can just put it there.

I'm thinking we will eitherh ave to go for doing the whole thing in C, or
requiring perl5.  Requiring perl5 doesn't sound too bad to me.

> than we would need.  We can, and ought to, presume a
> connection to the web.

No.  I see no need for this.  That can be the _normal_ way of doing
things, eg. get the metadata, tell it to build, it tries to grab the
source or whatever it needs.  However, there is no reason why we have to
require web access.  If the user can get the files required some other
way, they should be able to do that.  That is the way the FreeBSD ports
system works; if it can't grab a file, it says "hey buddy, I can't get
this!  If you can, put it in directory xxx for me."

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