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From Alexei Kosut <ako...@leland.Stanford.EDU>
Subject Re: win32 makefile generator?
Date Tue, 04 Aug 1998 22:56:17 GMT
On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, Ben Laurie wrote:

> Doug MacEachern wrote:
> > 
> > At one point, I thought there was a program shipping with apache to
> > generate .mak files for Win32 modules, was I wrong or did that go away?  Is
> > there any way currently to generate a makefile besides using developer studio?
> I had a program that generated the .mak's for Win32 modules, coz I got
> bored of doing it manually. Various people insisted it was deleted after
> a while, for reasons I never fully understood. NIH, I suspect. I didn't

Um... no. It's still there.

taz:~/apache-1.3/src/os/win32$ ls M*
MakeModuleMak.cpp       MakeModuleMak.mak       Module.mak.tmpl

It should be noted that it doesn't work; it generates MSVC 4.2 makefiles,
and we're using 5.0 now, which requires both .mak and .dsp files
(different .mak files than 4.2 used). The dependicies are also completley
wrong, written as it was before we did the 1.3 directory reshuffling

I suspect it would take some work to get right. What I've usually done,
IIRC, is just copy over one of the existing .mak/.dsp pairs and use Perl
to do a find and replace on the name of the module. Then I open it with
Visual Studio and let it fix whatever's wrong (save, export the makefile). 

> argue too hard coz it had done its thing, and I figured I could always
> insist that those who wanted it blown away generated any new makefiles
> :-)

-- Alexei Kosut <> <>
   Stanford University, Class of 2001 * Apache <> *

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