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From (Jim Gettys)
Subject HTTP/NG BOF at Chicago IETF...
Date Tue, 18 Aug 1998 20:10:05 GMT

There will be a BOF at the Chicago IETF; anyone Apache person attending 
IETF is more than welcome and encouraged to come.  We have enough code 
running (walking? limping?) to believe that a better protocol is feasible, 
and are now in a position to compare wire protocol and capabilities side 
by side so that real engineering can take place.  

As some of you know, Daniel Veillard has been hacking a version of our 
testbed code for Apache. While I'd be somewhat surprised if this ILU based 
code were ever what ended up in Apache, I think Daniel has good experience 
that we hope can be of help for the Apache 2.0 design, and he'll be at 
the meeting and can have his brain picked.

Here is a draft agenda: the URL below will have the real one as it evolves.
As usual with any IETF activity, the time subject to change; look at
the IETF schedule at the meeting. 
			- Jim Gettys

HTTP-NG BOF (httpng)

Tuesday, August 25 at 1545-1800

Chairs: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <>
        Jim Gettys <>
        Bill Janssen <>


The purpose of the BOF is twofold:

a) to share the experiences that we have gained in W3C over the last year
in working with a prototype of a new model for HTTP based on a distributed
object architecture; and

b) to see if there is interest in moving further HTTP-NG protocol design
work into the IETF in the form of IETF working group.


 *  Welcome and discussion of agenda (10) 
 *  Overview of HTTP-NG Short- and Longterm goals and how they can be
    evaluated (10) 
 *  Overview of Proposed Architecture (10) 

 *  The WebMux protocol (10) 
    *  The HTTP-NG Wire protocol (10) 
    *  Initial set of HTTP/1.x style interfaces for HTTP-NG (10) 

 *  Discussion of proposed working group charters 

 *  WebMux WG Charter (20) 
    *  HTTP-NG Wire Protocol WG Charter (20) 
    *  HTTP-NG Web Interfaces WG Charter (20) 

 *  Adjourn 

Additional information regarding this BOF can be obtained at:

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