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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject cvs-1.10 just came out today!
Date Fri, 14 Aug 1998 17:21:26 GMT
<base href="">
<TITLE>Index of /pub/cvs-1.10</TITLE>
<H1>Index of /pub/cvs-1.10</H1>
<PRE><IMG SRC="/icons/blank.gif" ALT="     "> Name                   Last modified
    Size  Description
<IMG SRC="/icons/back.gif" ALT="[DIR]"> <A HREF="/pub/">Parent Directory</A>
      14-Aug-98 12:06      -  
<IMG SRC="/icons/compressed.gif" ALT="[CMP]"> <A HREF="cvs-1.10.tar.gz">cvs-1.10.tar.gz</A>
       14-Aug-98 09:35   2.4M  
<IMG SRC="/icons/folder.gif" ALT="[DIR]"> <A HREF="windows/">windows/</A>
              14-Aug-98 11:01      -  
cvs-VERSION.tar.gz is the CVS source distribution.  Subdirectories
contain binary distributions; see the README files therein for more

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