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From Steve Kann <ste...@SteveK.COM>
Subject Re: os-windows/1462: Cannot load Proxy module
Date Wed, 12 Aug 1998 19:17:51 GMT

I have as close to zero Windows experience as you can get, but I have a
need to get Apache with mod_proxy running on Win95 machines.  In order
to do that, I modified the ApacheCore.mak, Makefile.nt, and
os/win32/modules.c files to get the mod_proxy compiled into the main

Done this way, it loads fine, and seems to operate fine as well.  I'm
not sure how much I can help to debug the underlying problem when
loading it as an individual DLL, but at least this experiment verifies
that the code can be loaded and executed under Win95.  Hope this helps a


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