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From "Mark Rostron" <>
Subject mod-perl1.15 installation problem on HPUX10.20
Date Wed, 05 Aug 1998 17:42:32 GMT
Does anyone have a successful installation sequence of the following
combination of code:


I am running into a problem due to the HPUX ansi extension flag -Ae
requirement - the mod_perl installation is breaking because it manages to
reset the flag back to -Aa -DHPUX_SOURCE and fails to compile Signal.c. This
happens when the EXTRA_CFLAGS field is generated by 'perl Makefile.PL' - it
seems to happen no matter what other parameters I pass the configuration.
I have also tried removing the default CFLAGS setting (switch on operating
system) from Makefile.PL itself, and it still does it.
It must be coming in from one of the calls to 'perl -MExtUtil::Embed -e
ccopts' or somewhere like that
Both perl and apache are installed with -Ae option for CFLAGS.
ANT suggestion or comment greatly appraciated at this point
Mark Rostron 
							Fax:        612-8974042
System Performance Group				Voice Mail: 800-8624563 x 2337
Oracle Consulting Services 

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