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From "Ralf S. Engelschall" <>
Subject Re: Draft of 'how to handle PRs'
Date Wed, 05 Aug 1998 15:22:17 GMT

In article <35C5FE24.F3653CD5@Golux.Com> you wrote:

> Considering the confusion a couple of months ago about how
> PRs should transition from one state to another, and how long
> they can wait for submitter input before being considered
> stale, I've taken a stab at documenting 'policies/guidelines'
> for editing PRs.  It can be found at

>   <>

> This is basically just a snapshot of my opinions on the matter;
> everything is open to discussion.

Great work, Ken. Thanks a lot for your effort.
I've just two points:

1. The definition of especially "open" and "analyzed"
   and how they are interpreted confused me a little bit.  We already had some
   discussions some time ago, so I know that people interpret it different. I
   personally interpret "open" as "Nobody has ever taken some action on this
   PR" and "analyzed" as "Someone has taken the PR into account, tried to
   analyze the problem and wrote some results down". Your interpretation is
   fine, too. I just recognized again that there are different

2. The idea with state state chart is very good, Ken. But is
   is possible to shrink the chart two its half in size?  Because on paper
   (where I tried to read it) it's not readable (too large in size) and even
   in Netscape it's not very readable (one has to scroll a lot). I would
   either reduce the font (hmmm) or split the chart up a little bit.

But beside this, great work, Ken.  Now we only have the problem that from
twenty Apache developers still only five or six really work with the bugdb.
For instance I know that there are guys who have particular platforms
available for testing while I don't have them. So I cannot do anything with
those PRs, but the guys with those platforms do nothing with these PRs, too.
:-( Perhaps we can "promote" the bugdb a little bit better inside the Apache
Group itself....
                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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