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From Johnie Ingram <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Apache Module Contrib
Date Tue, 04 Aug 1998 18:11:34 GMT

"Marc" == Marc Slemko <> writes:

Marc> Debian does it and it is a royal PITA.  "hmm, where will pine
Marc> be... no, isn't under free.  Let me go check non-free... no,
Marc> isn't there either.  Hmm, let me check their web site.  Oh.
Marc> They don't like the license so won't distribute it."

Unfortunately pine and qmail are special cases -- the authors simply
won't allow a modified, precompiled binary to be distributed, so
Debian ships only source (relevant part of license attached).

But non-freeness is the exception, not the rule.  Debian has 10x more
software in the official dist, fully Open Source.

However your ftp site is organized, I'd recommend each module be
available separately.  In apache-contrib, for instance, at least one
module had no license at all (mod_lock) and another said it would be
under the Apache license, if the Apache License could be used by third
parties, which it apparently can't be, so there's just a copyright
notice and no license (mod_allowdev).

I doubt I'm legally allowed to package all of those.

Incidentially, checking copyrights is as much a PITA as finding
non-free software.  :-)

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    Although the above trademark and copyright restrictions do not convey
    the right to redistribute derivative works, the University of
    Washington encourages unrestricted distribution of patch files which
    can be applied to the University of Washington Pine distribution.

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