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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: win32 makefile generator?
Date Wed, 05 Aug 1998 14:32:43 GMT

Has anyone been able to use the debugger outside of DevStudio?  I
currently do all my development on this platform in Emacs plus nmake.
But to debug I'm forced into DevStudio.

Ralf S. Engelschall writes:
>Just one simple question because I'm still confused by the Win32 stuff we
>have: What exactly is the benefit from using DevStudio stuff instead of plain
>Makefiles for this M$ "nmake" program as under Unix? The GUI?  I mean,
>wouldn't it be sufficient to just have Makefile.nt files? What do we
>gain from using these huge amount of .mak, .dsp files? Please forgive
>my ignorance here.

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