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From "James H. Cloos Jr." <>
Subject Re: r->connection->aborted no longer set?
Date Mon, 27 Jul 1998 22:16:17 GMT
Marc> Huh?  Are you saying Windows gives a GPF when a socket connection is
Marc> broken!?!?

Jon> Under Win95 1.3b7 (I have since ported to Solaris), yes.
Jon> This the basic outline of what was happening:

Jon> 1. Module gets a request.
Jon> 2. Module connects to Oracle over slow VPN (production system
Jon>    will have Oracle on same box).
Jon> 3. On browser during DB activity, click stop.
Jon> 4. Meanwhile, module execution continues.  After data is
Jon>    retrieved from DB it is output via the printf statement
Jon>    which causes the GPF.

Oh I'm glad I don't have to support MS boxen....

(Any Lynah Faithful on the list?  All together now:

	[pointing at any UNIX] Operating System! 
	[pointing at any MS spew] Sieve!
	[UNIX] Op Sys!
	[MS] Sieve!!

etc, etc, etc.


James H. Cloos, Jr. 
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