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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject Re: FW: RE: AIX bff file for apache
Date Fri, 31 Jul 1998 12:27:38 GMT
According to Roy T. Fielding:

>  Lars, is this person a trusted source, or did you verify the
>  content first?  We don't normally distribute binaries created
>  by other people.

Last week I've fwd. Jim Hassing's request to this list... and no
one responded, so I thought that there are no objections.

Currently the binaries directory sucks rocks. We have a
list of people (some of them are no Apache Group members) who volunteered to
make binary distributions (, but if you
check out the directories you find that most distributions are outdated and
that there is no 1.3.1 version.
There is a binary for AIX 4.1 (I built it myself), but I think a bff file
is very helpful for AIX users... 

No, I haven't verified the content, because how should I verify a
binary? I can test if it works, but it's more or less impossible to
verify if it contains a backdoor or not.

Last year when I started to contribute to the project I submitted several
binary distributions, did anyone verified them?

I we are not able to produce binary distributions of the current Apache
version we should not reject contributions from 'other people' who want to
built binary distributions (of course we should mark them as 'unofficial'; BTW
yesterday, after I installed the bff file I tried to create a README with an
appropriate note in the aix_21 directory, but I lost the connection
to taz, due to a broken router ( Well,
not entirely broken, but 95% package loss was very close :-)).

So if someone doesn't like the AIX-bff file then delete it... apart
from that we should clean up the mess in the binaries directory or stop
to distribute binaries at all.

Comments are solicited.

Lars Eilebrecht                  - "Don't interrupt me while I'm interrupting."                                          (Winston S. Churchill)

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