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From "Dave O'Neill" <>
Subject Re: Patch/kludge to mod_userdir
Date Thu, 30 Jul 1998 20:06:54 GMT

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Dean Gaudet wrote:

> Don't you see a large blowup in RAM usage under heavy load?  each child
> has to cache the names individually... 

Not really... the cache is a linked list, with each node containing a 9
character string (the username), pointers to previous and next nodes, and
a pointer to a passwd struct...  it adds up to about 61 bytes per node.
Even with 200 children running, and a 50-node cache for each, it's only
~600K of total cache.  
Like I said before, though, there may be better ways to do it.  

> Under high loads I'd think something like "UserDir /home/*/public_html" 
> would be far more effective.  Then the cache is in the filesystem and
> shared between all processes. 

It would, if we could do that...  on one of our main servers (15000
student accounts), the home directories are located in a rather bizzare
directory structure (/filesXX/<machinename>/YY/<username>, where XX and YY
are two different numbers) that's completely unfindable without a

Dave O'Neill                    
Computing  and  Communications  Services, Carleton University
"You, I'm sorry to say, are in need of a geek." - Rob Russell

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