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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject RE: wanted: people with windows
Date Mon, 20 Jul 1998 13:04:27 GMT
On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, Greg Ross wrote:
> I grabbed win32 install and everything went find, however a couple quick
> points I found:
> 	-I was installing over a previous version (the last beta before 1.3.0) and
> was informed that original conf files would be preserved.  However upon
> starting the server an error message came up.  Would it not be a good idea
> to put a warning message up to check your old config files against the
> current ones before starting the server?

What was the error message? I didn't think that there was anything in the
conf files for 1.3.0b7 that would case 1.3.1 to fail, but I was away for a
couple of week.

Yes, the idea is that people can diff the *.default file against *.conf
(what do you mean people won't have diff on Windows?!). A real upgrader
(maybe in perl) would be neat, though.

> 	-The server also has IIS 4 installed and I use it on port 80 and apache on
> port 8000.  To solve the above problem I simply deleted my old files and
> renamed the new ones.  However I forgot to change the port command and
> proceeded to start apache on port 80.  I am running NT and have Apache
> installed as a service, I proceeded to start apache from the services CP and
> it came up.  However looking into the log files apache reports that it could
> not create the service on port 80 (quite correctly to).  Shouldn't the
> correct behavior be that apache should fail to start and report back an
> error message?

Umm, well, Apache can't report errors on stdout since it may be started as
a service, so it has to log everything to the error.log. That is what the
Unix version does as well. Maybe it should log to the event log on NT,
which would be a good programming project if someone wants to dive in.


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