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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: who has is2 they can use
Date Thu, 16 Jul 1998 09:36:48 GMT
On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, Marc Slemko wrote:
> There could be a mess of files that have to be updated for the installer.
> Also note that I dislike the current way of not including the full source
> tree; on Unix we include the win32 directory, so why not include the unix
> directory, etc. on win32?

Yes I don't care either way, but it seems a bit redundant on Windows
systems to include Unix specific files and directories. It is also an easy
way of keeping the archive size down a bit. The problem is keeping all the
directories up to date in IS2. You have an manually go through every
directory, comparing it against the files in the new release and
adding/remove files as needed.  This takes long enough with the current
set of directories... adding more will make this even more of a pain to


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