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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject win32 os_stat question
Date Thu, 09 Jul 1998 06:43:57 GMT
first, all these ap_asserts in the win32 code are dumb.  They don't tell
you anything useful, don't give useful errors, and are not just on obscure
code paths but are things that I have to fight with just trying to make it

Second, I don't understand the first assert in os_stat.  

    ap_assert(szPath[1] == ':' || szPath[1] == '/');    // we are dealing with either UNC
or a drive
    if(szPath[0] == '/') {

What the heck is that?  We say it can't be something, then we check
to see if it is something?  This makes my config with "/apache"
for paths die here.  Changing the szPath[1] to szPath[0] makes
it work for me, but I don't know the intent here.

Also, a trailing '/' on a directory name (ie. /apache/, don't
know about c:/apache/) makes the server refuse to start.

Then comes the fact that "Directory /" blows up in 
sub_canonical_filename.  Wee problem given that the default
config file includes that.

While compared to it taking three hours for me to change 
my dialup networking to use a different modem and connect
to a different server (not because I didn't know how, just
because I had to reboot a zillion times and deal with the
configuration programs crashing), taking me half an hour
to make Apache work isn't bad, it really isn't quite decent
for release...

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