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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: r->connection->aborted no longer set?
Date Mon, 27 Jul 1998 17:09:36 GMT
On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Jon Teichrow wrote:

> >Yup, this is one of the features of the BSD sockets interface.  You can't
> >find out a client has gone away until you write something to it.  One way
> >to work around it is to send a space and rflush() every few seconds... it
> >sucks.
> >
> >Dean
> I ran into this problem a while back (see below, if interested) and if you
> send a space via ap_rputs you may have a bogus client which will, under
> Windows, cause a GPF when accessed.  As a workaround, I used an exception
> handler to catch the resulting GPF and manually set the aborted flag.  This
> still did not do the trick - another GPF occured outside my module because
> of the bogus client.

Huh?  Are you saying Windows gives a GPF when a socket connection is

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