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From David Southwell <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy and win32
Date Sat, 25 Jul 1998 08:05:35 GMT
On Fri, 24 Jul 1998, wrote:

> David Southwell wrote:
> > release I have running OK on windows 98
> > (I presume yr NT4 has Service Pack 3!)
> > Is that workstation or server or both?
> workstation. SP3.
> > I do get compile errors for mod_info (release and debug) but I think
> > that is a config problem tho! :0
> >
> Ah. I see. Link errors. I don't normally build that one, but I also get link
> errors. 15 Unresolved external symbols ap_scoreboard_fname etc.
I get that error!

I am sure it comes from the renaming from scoreboard etc to ap_scoreboard
and probably (in my case) made worse by my own hacks of the apache configs
for our own development purposes!! If I could manage to get a few hours at
it I am siure I will find out the cause!!

> > 
> Ok.  If it were just 1.3.1 I'd ask if you are by any chance trying to
> run it with existing .conf files you used with earlier versions?  For
> example, note that there's a bug in 1.3.1 that chokes on <Directory /> &

Thanks for telling me- I wouldnt have picked that up!

> it's just a config problem.  Let's hope. 
I will have a look today 

David Southwell
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+44 117 955 8225            CyberCity Technology in Europe
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