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From David Southwell <>
Subject Re: New to this list
Date Wed, 22 Jul 1998 15:08:15 GMT
On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> So you're asking about an archive of the software kits.  That's what
> *I* was asking - what you were asking to be archived.

Sorry I though I had made that clear in my first request which was where
can I get earlier beta releases!!

> You don't seem to be empathising with *us* and our experience with
> this.  Archives of old betas have been shown to be far, far more
> trouble than they're worth. 
OK let me back up!!

1.  I found the organisation of the web site to be confusing -- there was
reference to an earlier version we needed AND instructions on installing
earlier versions but no earlier versions there!!! 

2. I needed the earlier version because code   that worked
fine when included with 1.3b.6 refused to work with 1.3.0.

3. When I got hold of 1.3b.6 I was able to find out why in about 10
minutes flat! The module now works on all later versions I have been able
to test. 

> So convince us: How can keeping obsolete beta kits be 'extremely
> useful'?  Make a valid case and it will definitely be considered;
> but if it's unfounded opinion it's going to lose against our hard
> experience every time..
OK Take your experience first - 

I think it is a reason for taking the following steps: 

Messages are needed on which clearly identify
currently supported versions. The meaning must be clear and I would
suggest a form be used for bug reports which identifies current support
policy and release. 

I accept that out of date releases should not be on
however they could be on clearly labelled as
unsupported early releases.

2. Now my case:

The primary reason is developer support e.g:

1. See 3 above.. for one reason ..

2. Developers starting to develop additional tools to integrate with
Apache will want to check whether or not the code will work with earlier
releases.. or whether they need to produce different versions depending
upon the release installed by the end user .. so access to such
an archive is needed for testing purposes.

3. Access to earlier releases is needed to set up and maintain efficient 
regression testing. 

There are a few other considerations which are comparatively minor

david S.

David Southwell
CyberCity Ltd            (European agents for CyberCity Inc. BVI)
+44 117 955 8225            CyberCity Technology in Europe
BCDP Technology ++Beyond the Corporate Doorway Processing Solutions++

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