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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: general/2553: URL:s containing the character '' gets trucated (See also PR 800)
Date Tue, 07 Jul 1998 22:59:38 GMT
On Tue, 7 Jul 1998, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> Dean Gaudet wrote:
> > 
> > Oh, I thought you just sent this to me privately.  So here's what I sent
> > Ken back privately.
> I did, by accident.  Then I re-sent it to the list, where I meant it to go
> in the first place. :-)
> > Because when 800 went by I hadn't read Roy's latest draft, and I hadn't
> > worked on the parsing code.
> Hmm.  I thought the rule of thumb was that implementors should NOT hew
> to drafts.  Experimental RFCs, yes - but not drafts.

Good policy, but when you don't have anything else to refer to that makes
any sense at all, your options are limited...

(general question) So, should we support unencoded spaces in URLs too? 

We can do it by parsing left to right, then right to left, then taking
what is left in the middle.  People do complain about it.  Why is that
different or not?

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