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From Gareth McAleese <>
Subject Logging Problem...
Date Thu, 16 Jul 1998 11:18:11 GMT

This has come up before but I have just spent the last 2hrs searching
the web and also looking through the archived mail archives and
couldn't find an answer.

I am having a problem in that not all hostnames are fully qualified
quite a few of our log entries just have the hostname and not
the FQDN.  Though sometimes it logs the full hostname (including
domain name) and other times just the hostname.

I have made sure that host name lookups are on (double in fact).
I seem to remember this was something to do with mod_usertrack as
I have this up and running as well.

The machine is running Solaris 2.5.1 and apache 1.3.0.

Whats more annoying is that sometime it works and sometimes it doesn't
is there a fix for this, will 1.3.1 fix this as well.


  Gareth McAleese
  Web Development Officer
  Communications Group
  External Affairs
  University of Ulster

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