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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: request that we support TE
Date Tue, 14 Jul 1998 23:02:51 GMT
>One thing, though, that I think would be easy to do would be to take the
>mod_mime and mod_negotiation code that exists already to deal with
>Content-Encoding and Accept-Encoding for gzip/compress files, and
>translate that into TE/Transfer-Encoding for 1.1 requests with a TE
>header. That way we could serve already-compressed files and pretend they
>were being compressed on the fly; T-E is friendlier to caches than C-E,

No.  TE's only "advantage" via caching is that it cannot be used with
any deployed caching proxies, because you can only use T-E in response
to HTTP/1.1 requests.  The problem with C-E is that most of the clients
implemented it wrong. The problem with T-E is that most of the clients
haven't implemented it yet.

Like I said a while ago, it isn't worth implementing this til 2.0.
It is a performance optimization that won't be effective for a long
while anyway, the best way to implement it is with layered i/o, doing
it now would mean adding the deflate library code to Apache, and
we have other things that need to be implemented first.

That is, unless someone is dying to do it right now, in which case they
are welcome to dive in.


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