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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: PR 2553 and 2282
Date Tue, 07 Jul 1998 17:55:27 GMT
Shouldn't (unsigned) be (unsigned char), as in

#define ap_isalnum(c) (isalnum(((unsigned char)(c)))
#define ap_isalpha(c) (isalpha(((unsigned char)(c)))
#define ap_iscntrl(c) (iscntrl(((unsigned char)(c)))
#define ap_isdigit(c) (isdigit(((unsigned char)(c)))
#define ap_isgraph(c) (isgraph(((unsigned char)(c)))
#define ap_islower(c) (islower(((unsigned char)(c)))
#define ap_isprint(c) (isprint(((unsigned char)(c)))
#define ap_ispunct(c) (ispunct(((unsigned char)(c)))
#define ap_isspace(c) (isspace(((unsigned char)(c)))
#define ap_isupper(c) (isupper(((unsigned char)(c)))

or is the potential lack of (unsigned char) the problem?
Color me confused.

....Roy [resisting the temptation to comment on casts, almost]

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