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From Charles Randall <>
Subject RE: remove PID on shutdown
Date Thu, 23 Jul 1998 15:16:04 GMT
There's so many exit() calls in http_main.c, I don't think that there's an
and convenient place to put this.

Would adding an atexit() handler be sacrilege? To do this, we'd have to tuck
the pid of the controlling process and do something as simple as this in the

	if ( getpid() == ap_pid && ap_pid_fname != NULL) {

The problem with this is that the parent pid isn't stored anywhere, it is
written to the pid file with a call to getpid() in ap_log_pid(). So, there
appear to be two options. Share a global between http_main.c and http_log.c,
or change ap_log_pid() to take the pid as an arg.


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Subject: remove PID on shutdown

(just a reminder to myself or anyone else who wants)

Apache should remove the pid file on shutdown.

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