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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: ["Tieman, Julie" <>] bad link in faq
Date Thu, 23 Jul 1998 17:28:24 GMT

Randy, it seems like this is something that could be addressed directly
rather than forwarded to the whole group.  Looks like the problem is that
there's a reference to a document that's not in the 1.2 htdocs/manual tree.
 You could tell her to not use the docs-1.2 reference (the only thing that
should be pointing there are 1.2-based vendors - though the search engine
doesn't exclude that directory, which would be a good thing).  Certainly
things like awards and stuff should be forwarded to this list.  Maybe to
offload some of the work (we're both extremely busy folks :) we could
implement a rotating "" engine?  Actually the right way to
do it is to set it up in a bug-database-like interface...


At 10:41 AM 7/23/98 -0500, Randy Terbush wrote:
>Message-ID: <>
>From: "Tieman, Julie" <>
>To: "''" <>
>Subject: bad link in faq
>Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 17:36:39 -0700
>MIME-Version: 1.0
>Content-Type: text/plain
>FYI - 
>I was on the page
> and I tried to
>follow the "this document" link under item "25.How can I use
>ErrorDocument and SSI to simplify customized error messages?"
>I got the file not found page instead.
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