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From Dan Jacobowitz <>
Subject Re: general/2553: URL:s containing the character 'ö' gets trucated (See also PR 800)
Date Tue, 07 Jul 1998 16:10:58 GMT
Of course, using Bind 8.1.2, I don't seem to be able to resolve any of
those :)


On Tue, Jul 07, 1998 at 12:42:09PM +0200, Magnus Bodin wrote:
> Oh. My favorite discussion.
> This URL works fine: http://åäö
> And this: http://this is an url with
> And to top this; I must admit that I love weird urls. 
> Actually; I have had some trouble with the åäö-chars sent by macintosh; and
> tried to do a serios hack into mod_rewrite to circumwent this. I've not
> reached a solution by just using external rewriting; does this send the
> hostname?
> I love apache and especially mod_rewrite for this flexibility and actually
> the freedom to allow these urls. 
> Yeah, I know; RFC1738  <http://$rfc(1738)> does not consider these
> chars as safe. Is there a replacement rfc that do?
> Please don't ever consider taking this away. Ever.
> /magnus
> Useless: URL-calculator: http://$urlcalc(about)
> Example:                 http://$sum(4,5,-17.2)

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