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From "Frank Faubert" <>
Subject Re: propsed release schedule for 1.3.1
Date Mon, 13 Jul 1998 12:28:49 GMT
Hi Marc,

I'm think you may need InstallShield's Package for the Web product to take
your install and package it into a single file.  I know that IS5 comes with
a license for PFTW, but I'm not sure about IS2...  The predecessor to PFTW
was EXE Builder, which (I believe) was free.  You might search around
InstallShield's site and see if you can find EXE Builder, or check your
license for IS2 to see if you are licensed for PFTW as well.


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From: Marc Slemko <>
To: <>
Date: Sunday, July 12, 1998 11:18 PM
Subject: Re: propsed release schedule for 1.3.1

>I can build, but I can't make a binary tarball that is worth crap.  Well,
>mine works for me (dunno why it doesn't like you...) but isn't single
>There are still issues with the header file autodetection stuff that have
>to be cleared up.
>People, please test what is there now and avoid committing any major
>changes in the hope of a tarball in the next day or so.
>On Sun, 12 Jul 1998, Brian Behlendorf wrote:
>> At 06:40 PM 7/11/98 -0700, Marc Slemko wrote:
>> >I would like to suggest we freeze commits now except for bugfixes that
>> >unlikely to break things, aim for rolling a tarball Sunday night, then
>> >release a day or two after if all goes well.
>> If you're at the point, Marc, where you can do a Win32 build, I say we go
>> for it.
>> Brian
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