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From (Jon Teichrow)
Subject Re: ap_rflush() ?
Date Mon, 27 Jul 1998 22:44:31 GMT
>This goes back to my trouble with detecting someone hitting the STOP
>button.  At various critical points in a complex script I would like to be
>able to do a flush() so I can detect whether the client has gone away
>before heading into the next resource-intensive (generally complex SQL
>queries) part of the application.

Does it make sense to have a callback hook into the module jump table
indicating to the module that the client went away?  Any module
developer working with non-Apache resource allocation/deallocation
issues (e.g. C++ construction/destruction, database connection pooling,
etc.) may need to perform cleanup under this type of situation.  For
example, in the module I am writing I am managing a pool of pre-
connected oracle sessions.  When the user hits the STOP button there
is no indication that client went away and therefore that I should
mark the Oracle session as available.  Currently, the bottom line
for anyone writing a well behaved module is that they should be using
a flush-type algorithm to detect a client that has gone away.  


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