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From (Jon Teichrow)
Subject Re: ap_rflush() ?
Date Mon, 27 Jul 1998 23:23:58 GMT
>This callback is already there.  Look at the register_cleanup() function.
>You can register your cleanup function here and it will get called when
>the request terminates.  All requests eventually terminate for one reason
>or another and this function will always get called.  My issue is
>different. I don't mind checking r->connection->aborted at opportune times
>in my module, but my problem is that even calling ap_rflush(r) does not
>force data sitting in Apache's buffer out on the wire which means that
>Apache has no way of detecting whether the client has his their STOP
>button or not until such a time when Apache decides it feels like sending
>data.  I am just looking for more control here.

Actually, I am using register_cleanup with stubbed handlers.  The handlers
are never called.  That's why my question may have seemed lame: these
functions were never called so I thought there was no hook for termination
notification (I am a newbie to Apache dev).  This is running on Win32 1.3.1.

Thanks for the tip.

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