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From Dan Kearns-LDK001 <>
Subject RE: Include MultiViews in 'Options All' for 1.3.1?
Date Sun, 05 Jul 1998 18:50:19 GMT

> At 06:55 PM 7/3/98 +0200, Lars Eilebrecht wrote:
> >IMHO there is no need to make MultiViews part of the All option.
> >It won't break any configs, but it will put unnecessary load on
> >servers from people who are using 'Options All', but do not use
> >MultiViews.

Multiviews also opens an ASP-style hole for people who use 
ScriptAlias instead of some kind of Location or File block 
and SetHandler to denote script directories, eg 

ScriptAlias /cgi-bin /web/cgi-bin

with multiviews lets you call cgi-bin/script.cgi as 
cgi-bin/script and get the source returned instead of 
executing the script, which would probably be unexpected.


Dan Kearns - Technologist/Webmaster      
Motorola Corporate - Strategic Architectures Management p:+1 602 446-5224 f:+1 602 446-5251   

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