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From "Simon Spero" <>
Subject RE: record specweb...
Date Mon, 06 Jul 1998 15:43:13 GMT
> >
> That pretty much destroys their claims about the superiority of
> SPARC hardware. Is a 4-way Xeon really faster than an N-way
> Starfire on SpecWeb?

This is almost entirely the result of their software tweaking, though it's
interesting they chose to release results  for XEON rather than sparc.

One of the biggest problems with benchmarks like SpecWeb; by the time you've
dumped stuff into the kernel the CPU is basically optional :); there's lots
of ways to optimise for benchmark world (no SSL, no real dynamic pages,
etc). Also, because of the limited number of client streams they don't
reflect how servers would display when handling that number of requests over
a real network (TLB flipping costs  and memory cache sizes start to become
more important).

OF course, I remember when I held the blue ribbon for web performance at 130
tps. Of course, that was back in 94 :-)


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