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From "Lawrie Scovell" <>
Subject Apache Java GUI
Date Thu, 30 Jul 1998 15:56:05 GMT

My name is Lawrie Scovell, I am the director of Focus Array Ltd.

You would not have heard of us because we are quite a new company, and have
been quietly developing various products written in Java to sell at around
the end of this year - this development work has not been advertised.

We wish to start a new project involving the Apache web server. As we
specialise in Java development, we are interested in producing a freeware
GUI Java font-end for Apache. As we use Apache extensively ourselves, we
feel this product will give a much needed front-end to an already excellent
web server. We have already created modules for our other products which
create a help system from the HTML documentation - so no re-writing is

We agree to licence this additional software as freeware, and to remain so,
although code will be retained to establish and sustain standards. We would
also welcome your comments and ideas during all stages of development.

I hope you find this as attractive and exciting as we do, and would be
interested to hear your opinion.

Many regards,


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