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From "Greg Ross" <>
Subject RE: wanted: people with windows
Date Mon, 20 Jul 1998 12:46:28 GMT
I can't remember the exact error message (and I'm not in front of the system
at this point to find out).  However I can find out tonight again.

Diffing the files is not a problem (I have diff for windows :), but just a
quick warning message during installation might be nice.

I wasn't really suggesting that apache should try and log to stdout, however
other services (IIS, Exchange, etc.) will fail to start and report back an
error, and not come up to the started status throght the services CP.  The
services CP has the functionality to report back a failed start with an
error code, and using this function just keeps everything uniform.

Logging to the event log on NT is a nice idea but it does have some
problems, mostly because 95 doesn't have one.  I'm sure that this is a can
of worms, but I'll put it out anyways, the unix version of apache has
different builds for different flavors, but the Win32 ports only have one.
NT and 95 have several differences that might lend the porting process to
have different defines for each platform.  Security and logging are only the
two most obvoius.


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Sent: Monday, July 20, 1998 9:04 AM
Subject: RE: wanted: people with windows

On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, Greg Ross wrote:
> I grabbed win32 install and everything went find, however a couple quick
> points I found:
> 	-I was installing over a previous version (the last beta before 1.3.0)
> was informed that original conf files would be preserved.  However upon
> starting the server an error message came up.  Would it not be a good idea
> to put a warning message up to check your old config files against the
> current ones before starting the server?

What was the error message? I didn't think that there was anything in the
conf files for 1.3.0b7 that would case 1.3.1 to fail, but I was away for a
couple of week.

Yes, the idea is that people can diff the *.default file against *.conf
(what do you mean people won't have diff on Windows?!). A real upgrader
(maybe in perl) would be neat, though.

> 	-The server also has IIS 4 installed and I use it on port 80 and apache
> port 8000.  To solve the above problem I simply deleted my old files and
> renamed the new ones.  However I forgot to change the port command and
> proceeded to start apache on port 80.  I am running NT and have Apache
> installed as a service, I proceeded to start apache from the services CP
> it came up.  However looking into the log files apache reports that it
> not create the service on port 80 (quite correctly to).  Shouldn't the
> correct behavior be that apache should fail to start and report back an
> error message?

Umm, well, Apache can't report errors on stdout since it may be started as
a service, so it has to log everything to the error.log. That is what the
Unix version does as well. Maybe it should log to the event log on NT,
which would be a good programming project if someone wants to dive in.


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