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From Randy Terbush <ra...@Covalent.NET>
Subject Re: News: More IBM announcements
Date Tue, 23 Jun 1998 16:08:37 GMT
In a nutshell...

IBM approached the Apache Group about participating in this
open-source project. The discussions regarding this move were kept
quiet at IBM's request to enable the public announcement
yesterday. The discussions were carried out on the Apache core list
where administration and security disucussions are handled to reduce
traffic on this list and provide privacy when needed.

It is a positive endorsement for the Apache Group's work over the last 
several years. I look forward to IBM's open participation on this list.


Sam Rasins <> writes:
> Hello,
> I have included an article that appeared in this morning's edition of
> Internet Week's daily e-mail newsletter.
> I find it interesting that "the unprecedented deal between IBM and the
> Apache Project, negotiated over the past 45 days" was not even mentioned
> on this list. :-)
> So, what kind of "deal" was negotiated???  (This is a serious & a fun
> question at the same time.  If there really was a deal, I'd be interested
> in knowing what the general detail are.)
> Overall, it is GREAT news for Apache!
> Later,
> Sambo	P-)
> <>
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> From: (Newsletter Internetwk)
> Subject: InternetWeek Newsletter - June 22,1998
> This is your InternetWeek Newsletter
> for today Monday, June 22, 1998
> 1. Today's News
> * Apache Is About to Turn the Web Blue
> *************************
> Apache Is About to Turn the Web Blue 
> The Apache HTTP server, by far the Internet's most widely deployed Web 
> server, will shortly become available from an unlikely source: IBM.
> IBM and the Apache Project, the consortium of software developers 
> responsible for the Apache HTTP server, will announce today that IBM 
> will make Apache an option across its AIX and Windows NT servers, as 
> well as its AS/400 midrange and System 390 mainframe lines.
> Today, IBM offers the various versions of Lotus Domino Go Web server, 
> the HTTP server inside IBM's new WebSphere Application Server, on 
> these platforms and will continue to do so.
> The unprecedented deal between IBM and the Apache Project, negotiated 
> over the past 45 days, is described by senior IBM officials as a way to 
> bring IBM's "e-business" concepts and service to new customer segments, 
> particularly those small- and medium-sized firms IBM has targeted of late. 
> It is that sector, and ISPs, that account for the huge installed base of 
> Apache Web servers. By Ellis Booker
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