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From Andrew Ford <>
Subject Re: Apache Quick Reference Guide
Date Tue, 09 Jun 1998 09:34:04 GMT (Martin Kraemer) writes:

> So, +1 to reference it (or even add it to the distribution if Andrew
> allows it?). Andrew is very cooperative with his license, he offered in
> the past to adapt it to the APL if the group wishes to incorporate, e.g.,
> his cronolog program (which I would propose because it's very useful).

Since my last message where I said:

	Also I have an Apache quick reference card that I wrote in September
	1996 for 1.2beta!  It is written in LaTeX for for European A4 and US
	letter paper in two-sided, triplefold format (the individual pages are
	manipulated with pstops).  I need to update it for 1.3 but the group
	is welcome to that too as a contribution to the documentation effort.

I have updated the card (as you know).  However most of the text is
now extracted from a database (which is why there are a few
typographical glitches).  The LaTeX source now consists of a main
LaTeX file, a class file, a couple of included files for CGI, SSI and
HTTP code details and 125 automatically generated included files --
one for each of the directives.  

As I may want to do other things with the contents of the database I
want to retain control of that at the moment, so I am quite happy to
donate a snapshot (or a series of snapshots over time) of the LaTeX
sources under the Apache copyright but I don't know whether that is of
much use if I continually update the database.

The group is still welcome to "cronolog" without any strings attached.

In turn I have a request of the group: may I have permission to
include the Apache documentation logo (htdocs/manual/images/sub.gif) 
at the top of the card?   Converted to EPS and spanning the first
column it looks quite good.

What copyright and license terms apply to the logos?

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