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From "Jeff A. Earickson" <>
Subject info on Apache authentication API?
Date Mon, 15 Jun 1998 14:05:07 GMT

   Can y'all point me to where a description/discussion of the Apache
authentication API is, or is going to be in the future?  I have seen
references to such documentation, but haven't been able to find it.
Any plan here that is written down?  Any RFC's?

   I recently twinked Paul Henson's DCE module for Apache (see
to work with Apache 1.3.0, and I had trouble understanding if DCE
authentication would be done first, then plain (.htpasswd) authentication,
or just one method, or the methods in reverse order, etc.

   I've seen other modules for authentication (dbm, PAM, Kerberos) and
I'm wondering what Apache's overall authentication strategy is or will be
for any of these methods.  Ideally I would like to see the authentication
module usage delineated in the system access.conf file -- which module
gets used, in what order, what is required.  Something like PAM does.
What's the plan here?  Thanks.

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