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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Question about ScriptLog and CGI output to stderr...
Date Tue, 30 Jun 1998 00:08:13 GMT
If someone is playing with ScriptLog, it's worthwhile noting a low
numbered PR... where I note that ScriptLog produces a deadlock:  if the
script writes too much to stderr, it'll block.  Meanwhile httpd is reading
from the script's stdout... and not touching the stderr. 

I don't really find it acceptable to allow unformatted CGI error data in
the error log... but that's just how it's always been. 

Ideally each line of error output would be prefixed before going into the
error log. 

Kind of a pain to solve in 1.3 though... at least that's how it's seemed
each time I've gone in to consider fixing it.  For apache-nspr it could be
done with an I/O layer. 


On Mon, 29 Jun 1998, W G Stoddard wrote:

> I've been looking at PRs 2408 and 2429 and have a few questions about CGI error
> logging and the ScriptLog directive.
> Information (written to stdout or stderr) is recorded in the ScriptLog only
> when the script exists with error status, otherwise this information is
> discarded...  True?  Should this same information also be written to the
> errorlog file?  What should happen to information written to stderr when
> ScriptLog is not defined?  Is it acceptable to allow unformatted CGI error data
> to be written to the Apache error log?
> Just want to make sure I understand how this should work before jumping into
> the PRs.
> Thanks,
> Bill Stoddard

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