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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] NET_SIZE_T on 64 bit machines
Date Wed, 03 Jun 1998 18:06:05 GMT
I should put this into the comments in conf.h or something:

    NET_SIZE_T exists because of shortsightedness on the POSIX
    committee.  BSD systems used "int *" as the parameter to accept()
    et al.  Consequently many unixes took an int * for that parameter.
    The POSIX committee decided that "int" was just too generic and had
    to be replaced with size_t almost everywhere.  There's no problem
    with that when you're passing by value.  But when you're passing by
    reference this creates a gross source incompatibility with existing
    programs.  On 32-bit architectures it creates only a warning.
    On 64-bit architectures it creates broken code -- because "int *"
    is a pointer to a 64-bit quantity and "size_t *" is frequently a
    pointer to a 32-bit quantity.

    Some Unixes adopted "size_t *" for the sake of POSIX compliance.
    Others ignored it because it was such a broken interface.  Chaos
    ensued.  POSIX finally woke up and decided that it was wrong and
    created a new type socklen_t.  The only useful value for socklen_t
    is int, and that's how everyone who has a clue implements it.
    It is almost always the case that NET_SIZE_T should be defined to
    be an int, unless the system being compiled for was created in
    the window of POSIX madness.


On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Martin Kraemer wrote:

> I noticed the problem on a 64 bit machine (with apache-1.3.0) that all log
> file entries only logged accesses from addr
> Tracking down the problem showed that the 64 bit versions of accept(),
> bind() et al. need an "int *" as length parameter instead of a "size_t *".
> Since this is a big endian machine (MIPS EB) the size was interpreted
> as zero and the IP address of the caller was discarded.
> The patch below fixes it _for_this_machine_ (because setting the 64 bit
> compilation mode sets the compiler #define __LP64__). I wonder how other
> 64 bit compilers do it.
>     Martin
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