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From Alvaro Martinez Echevarria <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] again (might solve PR#2354)
Date Sun, 21 Jun 1998 11:33:07 GMT
On Sat, 20 Jun 1998, Dean Gaudet wrote:

> You know, we should actually put in a more verbose test in
> mod_cgi/util_script to check for the x bit... and if it's missing print a
> log message saying "execute permissions required" or something like that.
> I'd still like to see the /usr/local/bin/perl thing fixed.
> I'm somewhat neutral on having the x bit right. 
> Dean

OK, let's move on. I include a patch that just fixes the perl
thingie, and leaves the x bit as is. By the way, error messages are
not documented in Apache. Maybe we should write a document
explaining the meaning of all the error messages, and the
common reasons that cause them. Probably that would be of great
help for our users, wouldn't it?

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