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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-1.3/htdocs/manual windows.html
Date Wed, 17 Jun 1998 11:58:42 GMT
Not to put a downer on this good work, but the -Z and signalling stuff
isn't in Apache. I posted a patch a couple of weeks ago (after 1.3b7) but
on-one tested it in time for 1.3.0 (which I where I think it should have

Anyway perhaps people could test the patch now for 1.3.1? I think this is
an important (required) feature. Or a bug fix, since not being able to
stop the server is a moderately important bug. 

>   +<H2><A NAME="signal">Signalling Apache when running</A></H2>
>   +
>   +<P>When Apache is running you may request that it reread it's
>   +configuration files as follows:
>   +
>   +<PRE>
>   +    apache -Z @@whatever?@@>
>   +</PRE>

   apache -Z restart

>   +and to request that it shutdown gracefully, via:
>   +
>   +<PRE>
>   +    apache -Z @@whatever?@@>
>   +</PRE>

   apache -Z shutdown

>   +and you can force it to stop via:
>   +
>   +<PRE>
>   +    apache -Z @@whatever?@@
>   +</PRE>

You cannot do a non-graceful shutdown in Windows...

>   +Other techinques of shutting down the server (e.g. using the
>   +task manager to "End Process", distroying the command 
>   +window containing the server, or using control-C to interupt
>   +it) all have the downside of @@whatever@@.

... except this way.


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