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From Alvaro Martinez Echevarria <>
Subject funny PR#2422 and rant about list silence
Date Fri, 12 Jun 1998 01:49:49 GMT
I have taken a look at the bug report #2422, with synopsis
"ProxyPassReverse causes endless loop when Proxying "/"
directory". The problem is kind of funny. The user wants to
reverse-proxy an internal server like this:

ProxyPass        / http://internal/foodir
ProxyPassReverse / http://internal/foodir

But /foodir is a subdirectory in the internal server, so a
request to "http://apache/" is proxied by apache as "/foodir" to
the server, and redirected by the server to "http://internal/foodir/".
This "Location" is translated by apache as "http://apache//", and
the game starts all over again. I'm not sure if this can be
considered a bug in the apache code or a configuration problem,
but it should at least be documented (i.e., "if you reverse proxy
a subdirectory, don't forget the trailing slash to avoid possible
redirection loops, and to enhance performance"). Anyway, it could
probably be solved in a dirty way, by doing a second proxy
request in this particular case (when "/" is being
"two-way-proxied" to "/foo" and apache is redirected from "/foo"
to "/foo/"). Any ideas? In the meantime I have already responded
to the user suggesting him the correct configuration.

By the way, I have seen today a new bug report (#2412) about the
FTP proxy problem that yesterday I sent a patch for (#2367). The
bug is quite serious, as the FTP proxy is not working at all in
1.3.0.  Has anybody seen the patch, anyway? I have sent a couple
of patches fixing open PRs on the last two days, but none of the
prominent members of the list has said anything about them (I
mean the developers with rw access to the bug-db and the
cvs-tree). I desperately need some hints about how to concentrate
and optimize my efforts on fixing bugs; it would be a real waste
of time if someone else did again the work I've already done, and
right now this might happen as the PRs are still open.

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