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From Alvaro Martinez Echevarria <>
Subject [PATCH] CGIs not working (PR#2354)
Date Wed, 10 Jun 1998 21:01:06 GMT
Although PR#2354 sounds like the typical newbie dummy problem,
there are a couple of little real problems behind it (I guess,
because the amount of data provided in the bug report is very

-both of the test CGIs are installed without execute permissions
 by "make install", so if you want to use them you need to
 manually do chmod. Shouldn't the installation do that?

-the first line of "printenv" is "#!/usr/local/bin/perl". Well, I
 can't think of a lot of systems where perl lives there.
 "/usr/bin/perl" is probably more general. Anyway, I think
 the installation should change the CGI. Or perhaps this would be
   echo Content-Type: text/html
   echo '<pre>'
   echo '</pre>'

These problems are quite small, but solving them could save a few
headaches among out unexperienced users. So, I include a patch that
solves both problems, whith the following CHANGES:

  *) Changed the top Makefile to install the test CGIs with execute
     permission, and to replace the "#!" header of printenv with
     the correct location of perl. [Alvaro Martinez Echevarria]

By the way, is the correct way of dealing with PRs documented
anywhere? I say "correct", because I suspect I am not dealing
this the right way: on the two PRs I've dealt with today, I
haven't sent any mail to the originators of the bug reports, not
I have forwarded my messages anywhere to include them in the
bug-db, etc.

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