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From Alvaro Martinez Echevarria <>
Subject [PATCH] PR#2367
Date Wed, 10 Jun 1998 17:12:02 GMT
Hi there.
With this patch you can consider PR#2367 closed (with subject
"proxy mode adds headers to files when fetched with ftp (NOT
http) proxy"). The problem was that the response of the FTP
server to the SIZE command was directly used in the
Content-Length header, without stripping the trailing CR. I've
changed ftp_getrc_msg to strip it, as it is not needed at all.
I've tested it and it works. This can be added to CHANGES:

  *) Changed ftp_getrc_msg to delete the trailing CR in FTP responses;
     it is not needed, and if present it causes an extra CR to appear
     in proxy FTP response headers, after Content-Length (and hence
     thrasing the response). [Alvaro Martinez Echevarria] PR#2367

By the way, ¿could someone please replace ""
with "" in CHANGES? I just use alvaro-httpd@... to
communicate with the list, to get the mail from it in a separate
folder (yeah, I love qmail :-) ); but my "main" address is
Thanks and regards.

|   Alvaro Martínez Echevarría   |      LANDER SISTEMAS            |
|        |      Pº Castellana, 121         |
`--------------------------------|      28046 Madrid, SPAIN        |
                                 |      Tel: +34-91-5562883        |
                                 |      Fax: +34-91-5563001        |

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