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From Alvaro Martinez Echevarria <>
Subject possible bug, and wrong binary dist uploaded (linux/alpha)
Date Sat, 06 Jun 1998 02:12:14 GMT
Right after I uploaded a binary distribution (alpha-whatever-linux2)
of the new baby to, as generated by
Ralph's, I thought "errr, have I tested it before?".
Well, actually I had not, and now when I've tried to run it I've
found out there's probably something wrong woth mod_unique_id:

[Sat Jun  6 03:50:14 1998] [alert] mod_unique_id: sorry the size
assumptions are wrong in mod_unique_id.c, please remove it from
your server or fix the code!

So the server does not start as compiled and configured. I can
think of two solutions:

a) You delete the binary distribution I've uploaded (I can't do
   it myself); I go sleep.
b) You delete the binary; I upload a new one excluding
   mod_unique_id from it (that way it seems to work).

Any suggestions? By the way, does gzip compress more here in
Spain, or the other binary dists have been generated in a
different way? Just look at the sizes:

----rw----  1 ftp  httpd   776907 Jun  6 01:37 apache_1.3.0-alpha-whatever-linux2.tar.gz
----rw----  1 ftp  httpd  1896036 Jun  5 17:28 apache_1.3.0-alpha-dec-osf1-40.tar.gz
----rw----  1 ftp  httpd  1570002 Jun  5 17:29 apache_1.3.0-i586-whatever-linux2-libc6.tar.gz
----rw----  1 ftp  httpd  1727109 Jun  5 17:30 apache_1.3.0-rs6000-ibm-aix-41.tar.gz
----rw----  1 ftp  httpd  1550204 Jun  5 17:31 apache_1.3.0-sparc-sun-solaris-26.tar.gz
----rw----  1 ftp  httpd  1590005 Jun  5 17:31 apache_1.3.0-sparc-whatever-linux.tar.gz

Also, I have discovered a tiny little bug in src/support/logresolve.c
(just a missing trailing "\n" in the help message). I've attached
a patch for it.

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