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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: ap_setup_client_block() perversity
Date Wed, 01 Jul 1998 02:07:52 GMT
>> where someone wants to say REQUEST_CHUNKED_ERROR, of course, which leads
>> me on to, err, why would anyone do that?). Thankyou.
>If they need a content lenght. mod_cgi uses REQUEST_CHUNKED_ERROR, for
>example, because CGI/1.1 specifies that the CONTENT_LENGTH environment
>variable must be available for requests with an entity (that's how the CGI
>spec defines the amount of client data to read, rather than something
>sensible like reading until EOF).
>Certainly, anyone writing a brand-new protocol today should properly deal
>with chunked requests, but unfortunately we're stuck with legacy stuff
>that this code deals with.

There is a big advantage to forcing the client to say what it wants to do
before trying to read the data, mostly in the area of setting request limits.
However, we have talked in the past about adding a read buffer for chunked
so that it can read (up to some limit) into a server temp file and then
reopen that file for reading and give it to the CGI.  That would work for
CGI/1.1.  I wasn't willing to implement it for 1.2, but would be happy to
see it added now if it can be done safely.


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