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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: Revs for windows alone
Date Mon, 29 Jun 1998 10:58:00 GMT

> I think that we should release both at the same time... There have
> been a few fixes on the UNIX side, but certainly I agree that the
> majority have been on WIN32.

Do you think its a "BAD" thing to do a window's only release?

I think we have a bunch of these comming up over the next few
months.  Maybe this time we should do them all, but in principle
is it a bad thing to do the window's stuff alone?

It seems kinda cruel to trigger a few thousand people running off
and upgrading their unix boxes when they are getting so little in
return.  It seems risky to entangle the moblity of the window's
stuff in those costs.  Hence my desire to ask the question in the

I don't have a strong opinion about this round, but can you name
a change on the unix side that merits making a mess of people do
mess of downloads, compiles, installs, etc.?

> How does a release this weekend (July 4) sound? Ken, do you think
> that's possible? 

The labor to build the window's binary is probably the key

> Ben and Ben, is the WIN32 side shaping up enough
> to support that?

Oh my.  Please!  Don't start that!  Ben L's contribution on this
enterprise so entirely dwarfs mine that to hang my name anywere
near the party is a horrible injustice.  Lot's of other people
have done much more than I!  If this was the military there
would be special ribbons for getting native I/O or installs
working on this platform!

Meanwhile I'm entirely entangled in a Beta release here and can't
do much to help other than poke irritating emails into the

> ...

  - ben hyde

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