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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Windows Apache - no window
Date Mon, 15 Jun 1998 14:49:35 GMT

You can avoid the console window on NT using the start command along 
with it's /B switch.  For example:

  start /B d:\testing\apache\apache.exe -s -d d:/testing/apache

Not knowing what I'm doing I found a windows kill and ps
command (look for "windows kill ps") and installed 
them as wkill and wps to avoid having them collide with the
cygnus versions.

You can then do
   wkill -t d:\testing\apache\apache.exe
of course that's not the gracefull shutdown one might like.

Add in wrshdnt for rsh from denicomp (commercial) and finally
I can automate the testing of Apache on NT as well as all my
unix boxes.

  - ben hyde

ps. I'd wish somebody had a small web site they could offer up
in a tar file that exercises lots of features in lots of 
modules.  First things first, i'd like to just trigger the
various features.

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