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From W G Stoddard <>
Subject Re: Apache In The News: Latest PC Week Article
Date Tue, 16 Jun 1998 04:44:08 GMT
IIS likely uses a url keyed file handle cache along with some advanced system
APIs, TransmitFile (aka send_file) and AcceptEx (aka, accept_and_receive) with
completion ports for each to get their good performance numbers. I've seen a
minimal webserver implementation using these APIs that  performs better than
IIS. (IIS appears to be close to optimum). Caching file handles allows you to
cache all the files in a SpecWeb benchmark without worring about double
buffering the data. This is a truely useful technique;  not just some benchmark
toy as some other posters have implied.

The completion ports are actually a pretty slick idea in that they allow you to
prevent thread overscheduling (ie, too many threads completing a unit of work,
checking a work queue, finding no available work, then going to sleep. The
ideal situation is to always have slightly more work to do than threads
available to do it.

Bill Stoddard

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